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Mwa-ha-ha! Count Cashtacular is inviting you to his castle on the hill. But there's a catch, mate. The count will only unleash monster wins if you spend the night. So will you stay for 12 free games, triple prizes and a wild Count Cashtacular that locks onto the reels? We say yes... but cover your neck just in case.

Game Details

Launch date: 12th October 2022 

  • Volatility: Medium
  • Reels: 5
  • Top award: 50,000-coins
  • Substitute: Count Cashtacular
  • Scatter: Coat of Arms
  • Jackpot: Game without jackpots
  • Paylines: 25-fixed paylines
  • Bonus rounds: Yes
  • Bonus type: Free games, jackpots, oversized symbols, scatter pays
  • Platforms: Mobile, Instant Play


Everyone knows the story of Dracula. It's told every Halloween in order to frighten fearful folks. But nobody wants to talk about his more evil mate, Count Cashtacular – he's the one that you should really watch out for!

He's got the fangs. He's got the charm. And he's got more cash than Dracula has capes. So if you're seeking a bonus-rich pokie just in time for the spooky season, you're in luck. This is a game you can really sink your teeth into.

But enough chit-chat. We'll walk you to his front door. Then, once you knock, you're on your own. Will he try to convert you to the dark side? Or does he only want someone to share his wealth with? The only way to find out is to play Count Cashtacular for yourself!


How do we sum up Count Cashtacular's gameplay in a few sentences?

Well, we can't. It's a very expansive game in terms of gameplay, bonus rounds and in-game features. For starters, it's 25-paylines with a very balanced medium-volatility. And while it doesn't have jackpots, there's a 50,000-coin top award and two pick-and-choose bonus rounds (that don’t suck).

As for the general vibe, you'll love its creepy graphics and menacing animations. But you needn't worry about being scared. We have a sneaking suspicion Count Cashtacular will be the one begging for mercy by the time you're done playing!

Then there are the in-game controls, with auto-spin, bet increase and decrease plus a very user-friendly interface. So you can relax and enjoy the Count's company, safe in the knowledge that you're in full control of your gameplay experience.


Dracula's castle is full of creepy ornaments, but we think Count Cashtacular has him covered when it comes to symbols.

You've got a variety of items such as stakes, crucifixes, Count Cashtacular himself (the wild that subs for all symbols bar the scatter), bats, coffins and more. Some of which are simply found hanging around his castle and others that will contribute towards your wins. The Coat of Arms is the in-game scatter, but don't get your hopes up when it lands…

Our main man Count Cashtacular will trigger all the bonus rounds and features.

Bonus rounds

There's an old saying in Transylvania – bonus rounds are like bats on the ceiling... they're all over the place! In fact, there are two in total and you're able to pick which one you want to play. So, whether you fancy a bit of free spins action or the chance to boost your winnings with triple prizes, Count Cashtacular has got you covered.

Pick Bonus Feature

This is triggered when Count Cashtacular symbols appear on reels 1 and 5 at the same time. When this happens, you'll get to choose between 12 free games with triple prizes or 5 respins.

Oversized Symbols

The second bonus round involves oversized symbols. It's triggered when the oversized symbol lands on reels 2, 3 and 4. In addition, this bonus round can lead to two different outcomes when it's retriggered: you either get 3 respins OR the Jackpot Pick bonus round is activated.

Free Games

Chose the free games? Well, you're a wise one, because in addition to 12 free games, you also get an extra 12 free games if a Count Cashtacular symbol appears simultaneously on reel 1 and reel 5 – for a grand total of 24 freebies! Better yet, all prizes are tripled during this round.


If you choose respins, well, it's also a good option. And while it might not appear to be as lucrative as the Free Games bonus round, it can still pay out handsomely. The reason being that Count Cashtacular symbols are held in place on reel 1 and reel 5. Note that the Pick Bonus Feature can't be triggered during this round.


Where to play?

Ok, ok... we joke! We won't make you walk up to Count Cashtacular's castle all by yourself (unless you want to).

Your mates at Fair Go will be with you every step of the way. So no matter whether you love playing via mobile or using your computer, tablet or laptop, it's all good. Count Cashtacular doesn't discriminate! He's happy for everyone to join in on the fun. So what are you waiting for? Count Cashtacular is in the Fair Go house... and he's got plenty of cash plus a new game bonus to share!

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*Max. cashout for this bonus is $180. The bonus expires on 31st of October. General T&C applies.

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