Before you play your favourite online casino games with Fair Go casino, it’s first necessary to ensure your account is topped up and ready to go. If you don’t have funds on hand to make a deposit when needed, you could find your hot streak coming to an end prematurely… and no one wants to walk away from a hot steak, right?

Neosurf Vouchers

At the beginning of 2018, we introduced a new deposit method to our players. The said method is an online payment and allows an easy, safe and speedy deposit into your Fair Go Casino account. Since its implementation in the Fair Go banking section, players have loved this method.

We’re talking about Neosurf, of course. Neosurf is one of the fastest-growing ways to pay online. Keep reading to learn more about this highly convenient voucher system that’s ready to use whenever you’re ready to play.

These days, our community and we ourselves, can’t imagine Fair Go Casino without Neosurf as a deposit option for online gaming. Fast and easy it is, which is why it is so popular amongst our payment methods.

What is Neosurf?

Although we know that many love riding the waves on the Surfboard, Neosurf is nothing you can ride the waves with. Neosurf is simple and perfect when you want to enjoy the best online casino games at Fair Go Casino. As Neosurf is working on a voucher system, you don’t have to use your debit or credit card to play the Fair Go casino Games.

The number one thing we love about Neosurf is that you don’t need to register or provide personal information to use their services. All that is required is to purchase a Neosurf voucher from one of the many thousands of locations worldwide. Wherever you are at home or on vacation, the next Neosurf voucher provider isn’t far.

Once a Neosurf voucher has been bought, it is immediately ready to use. For those who are worried about the anonymity of Neosurf, no worries. With Neosurf vouchers, you never have to share your details, and it remains completely anonymous.

Neosurf is an excellent alternative to traditional card-based and bank transactions for online casino gamers who value their privacy for online payments. Neosurf provides payment service to over 20,000 websites!

Where can I buy Neosurf Vouchers?

Fair Go gamers can purchase Neosurf cash vouchers from several locations within Australia and, as said earlier, many places around the world. From convenience stores to supermarkets, kiosks, internet cafes, your local news agency, and even more. Neosurf is easily accessible no matter where you live.

The quickest way to find a Neosurf supplier near you is to head over to their website at You’ll find an option that allows you to surf for a Neosurf voucher retailer based on your country, state and city or town.

Sometimes time is sharp, and you miss the opening hours of the Neosurf partner that sells the vouchers or can’t make it in time there. You can also buy the Neosurf voucher online.

You can either open a Neosurf account with them or purchase the vouchers online at a partner shop without registration.

At sites like the Dundle, you will receive the Neosurf voucher via email after it has been purchased. You are taking the information needed to fund your Fair Go gaming account from the email you are getting.

pink and white casino Chip with neosurf on it

Okay, but how does it actually work?

Instead of using a debit or credit card, you can simply walk into one of the designated sales points near your location and use cash to purchase a Neosurf voucher.

You may want to throw away the receipt as you just bought the Neosurf Voucher. Please refrain from that. With that voucher, a unique 10-character pin and a receipt are provided. So make sure you keep both for when you want to pay online.

Neosurf vouchers can then be used to make deposits online and, in this case, top-up your Fair Go casino account. When advised, use the 10-character pin, and the money will be credited to your account instantaneously.

Neosurf cards operate in the same way that other pre-paid cards do. However, the big difference is you don’t need to create an account or provide an ID to buy the voucher. This means you stay protected since personal banking details are never used during the deposit transaction.

If you want to open a Neosurf account, that option would always be available. Isn’t it great that you can choose between the two, yet belong to the same?

I want to have a Good Time at Fair Go Casino - how to deposit with Neosurf Vouchers?

Has Neosurf got you as excited as we are? If so, great! Purchase a Neosurf card today from any one of the available purchase points in Australia or worldwide, including the web. Once you have the Neosurf voucher, follow the easy steps below to credit your account:

  1. Log onto your Fair Go casino account and click on ‘Deposit’
  2. You will see a list of deposit methods. Click on the ‘Neosurf’ option
  3. The next step is to enter the 10-character voucher code
  4. You’ll then be able to nominate how much to deposit from your Neosurf voucher to your Fair Go account
  5. If a valid Neosurf voucher code is input, your Fair Go account should be credited immediately with the chosen amount

As soon as the funds have been added, you are ready to go and have a good time at the Fair Go Casino.

When depositing with Neosurf vouchers, you will not be asked to add personal or financial data. What you need is only the 10 digit Neosurf code from the voucher. Whenever you are having questions about your Neosurf deposit, you can always reach out to our support team.

Don’t forget; we have incredible bonus offers, which will bump up your deposit amount. Check out our promotion section to get the best out of it!

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What is the Minimum/Maximum Amount I can deposit?

A certain minimum and maximum deposit amount apply with every deposit method in Fair Go Casino. For depositing with Neosurf Vouchers, the smallest amount you may deposit into your gaming account is $10. The maximum you can deposit into your Casino account is $250 with one single Neosurf deposit. Multiple Neosurf cards can be used to deposit higher amounts.

The Neosurf vouchers themselves are available in diverse pre-defined amounts. The different denominations you can buy are such as $10, $20, $50, and $100. While a Neosurf voucher can hold funds up to $250, the maximum amount at the time of buying is at $100.

Is there an Expiry Date for the Neosurf Voucher?

Some may want to plan ahead when it comes to enjoying the pokies at Fair Go Casino. Or on another hand, one of your loved ones wants to surprise you with a Neosurf gift card. You may want to keep the Neosurf code to have a little buffer for a later time.

Now you question yourself "How long will be the Neosurf voucher valid?". Compared to for example Bitcoin, where the crypto address expires after a certain time, this is not the case for a Neosurf code. Even though there is no explicit expiry date for it, you should keep in mind that there will be a small inactivity fee if the code isn't used.

To explain it in detail: The codes are generated to be used in a relatively short time. That means that after one year from the purchase or six months after the last time used, the small inactivity fee will be deducted from the Neosurf balance of the voucher.

So make sure to use your Neosurf voucher in time to play the fantastic online games at Fair Go to win big. Not to mention that in our Casino excitement, fun, jackpots and huge promotions are waiting for you!

Can I combine Multiple Neosurf Vouchers?

Neosurf even gives you the ability to transfer unused credit from one voucher to another. This ensures you don’t have small amounts spread out over multiple vouchers. Who wants numerous vouchers with little balance on them? Nobody, right?

By putting them together, you can control your expenses more efficiently and in one place. To put the Neosurf balance from two vouchers on one Neosurf Voucher, simply follow these easy steps:

  1. Head to
  2. Make sure you see ‘My Card’
  3. Enter your unique 10-character pin of the voucher you’d like to add funds to and click ‘Submit’
  4. Select ‘Transfer Credit’
  5. Enter the 10 digit pin for the voucher that you’re transferring credits from and select ‘Submit’

You may be confused as you only see 3 fields for the pin to be entered. Please enter the first 4 digits in the first field and the 3 following after numbers in the second field. In the last lot of the window, please enter the last 3 digits of your Neosurf voucher pin.

If performed correctly, the funds should be transferred immediately as long as the balance on the voucher you intend to deposit with does not exceed $250.

pink and white casino Chip with neosurf on it

What is the Neosurf Pre-paid Card?

As opposed to Neosurf, Neocash MasterCard (as it is called on their website) is a rechargeable pre-paid debit card that allows you to make payments online. The card is similar to Neosurf in the sense that it doesn’t require you to open a bank account or undertake any form of application process.

Neocash is accepted by millions of merchants worldwide and is essentially used the same way you would use a bank card.This means you can make payments online, withdraw cash from ATMs, and even make deposits with it on Fair Go casino the same way you’d make a deposit with a credit card.

Neocash also features the same security measures as MasterCard, but since it’s not linked to a bank, it keeps your details out of the picture. If for any reason a Neocash card is declined, chances are it’s because there are insufficient credits.

Surfing on the Waves of Winnings with Neosurf

You are now ready to deposit with Neosurf, to start playing? Mate, there is something for you, that you may wanna claim before.

Make your Neosurf deposit today and claim a sparkling 100% up to $1000! By redeeming the code NEOSURF-BLOG you can claim this offer and as an extra, you will also get 25 free spins on the Copy Cat Fortune pokie! Claim this offer once a day on a Neosurf deposit of a minimum $10. T&C's as per our bonus rules apply.

Don't miss out the chance to boost your Neosurf deposit once a day and get more for your money right away! More money means more chances of winning big. Each spin is a new chance!

Cashing out with Neosurf?

At Fair Go Casino, you can deposit using the Neosurf voucher system. At the moment, it is not possible to cash out via Neosurf. When cashing your winnings from your casino account, you have Bitcoin, Bankwire Transfer or eZeeWallet available.

Before you can cash your winnings, we want to ensure that the funds are sent to the rightful winner. Therefore, we ask for verification documents.Have a look at the account verification page to know what may be asked. Compared to depositing with your credit card, you do not have to send in additional information when depositing with Neosurf vouchers.

Come and join us at Fair Go Casino - the best place to play the pokies, special games, blackjack, and so much more. New players are always welcome. Don't forget to take advantage of the perfect alternative deposit method Neosurf!